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It’s not just about what’s on the inside. We’re also focused on ensuring the packaging and materials for Authentic Beauty Concept are as sustainable as possible without compromising on a premium appearance.



Our bottles, jars and cans are recyclable, and they’re reusable too; we've already seen some #AuthenticBeautyMovement salons upcycle containers to create decorative plant pots!


Recycled Content

Being recycable is our first step, but we are always striving to evolve and do better, and to provide more sustainable solutions. Our plan is to produce our packaging with 80% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic, yet still maintaining its soft touch finish.


Refill Bar

We’re proud to now present our latest launch – and a big step towards change: our Authentic Beauty Concept Refill Bar.

The idea came to us over coffee – as all the best ideas do. We never leave the house without a reusable cup or water bottle; so why not establish a similar routine in hair salons, encouraging a circular economy and reducing plastic waste?

Here’s how it works. Your stylist will provide a personal, professional consultation on your specific hair routine during your salon visit, checking in on any concerns you have and prescribing the right products filled in a bottle made from 92% recycled plastic and 85% bio-based PE labels. Once it’s empty it doesn’t go in the bin, or even in recycling; instead, you bring it back to the salon and pay a visit to our Refill Bar for more of your favourite shampoo and conditioner - do your bit for the environment and bring your bottle back!

Our Refill Bar is now present in some carefully selected European #AuthenticBeautyMovement flagship salons to start with. Goal is to generate learnings from our experience, then take those to roll out refilling solutions at even more salons in upcoming years. Change takes time, but we’re incredibly excited to work on this plan!

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