The beginning

In 2003, as a volunteer on an international cooperation project in Morocco with the Alternatives organization, Mélissa Harvey, president and founder of Zorah biocosmétiques, discovers the properties of Argan oil. This precious oil, which has been used in Morocco for centuries, contains extraordinary dietary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic properties. It is extracted from the fruit of the Argan tree–a tree unique to Morocco–which is grown to fight desertification and happens to be protected by UNESCO.

And now…

Once back home, Mélissa teams up with Richard Morin, Zorah’s vice-president, and creates a high-end line of cosmetic products made in Quebec, using the famous Argan oil as a base. Environmentally conscious, they make it their mission to create an organic, environmentally friendly and fair-trade line of products.
After three years of research and investments, Zorah’s Canadian biochemists develop Arganol using organic Argan oil as a main ingredient. This is the same Argan oil from the Moroccan women’s cooperative that hosted Mélissa in 2003.

Mélissa and Richard have accomplished their mission: Zorah biocosmétiques is not only recognized for the quality and effectiveness of its products and service, but the entire line was created ecologically using only the finest organic and fair-trade ingredients. They also acquired the know-how to develop an affordable, fair-trade quality product using a method with the least harmful effects on the environment.