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Colour Lounge by Samantha George

The Colour Lounge By Samantha George is a full service hair salon and retail store. We opened October 31st 2017 in Kingsville Ontario, Canada. When I opened the salon it was just to have a little shop, to do hair and makeup for my clients in a fun and friendly environment.  

Fast forward three and a half years later and its starting to be come so much more. 

Working with haircare products and cosmetics on the regular, you really start to become aware of what's inside of them! Not only that but are the ingredients ethically sourced? Are they fair trade? Are they Vegan? Gluten free? The list can go on and on and keep you up at night, trust me.  Throw a pandemic in the mix and running the risk of losing everything, and there it is.... time to get with the future and start an online store!

Our main mission is simply supplying customers with a great in store hair experience. Carrying that experience over to an easy to use online format, with all the educational resources you need to make an informed decision about your cosmetics.