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  • 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette - Chocotini - Colour Lounge Cosmetics

    5 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes

    Colour Lounge Cosmetics

    EU compliant, Paraben Free

    These silky eye colours are pigmented with natural minerals for a beautiful & rich shadow. Gentle for sensitive skin.

    Arizona Sky Colours include: Dazzle, Dolce Vita, Bohemian, Jazmin, Nightshade

    Blazing Heat Colours include: Heiress, Golden Eye, Heat, Hot Pursuit, Moccasin

    Chocolate Bar Colours include: Simplicity, Classis, Coconut, Moccasin, Clydesdale

    Chocotini Colours include: Simplicity, Freeze, Madame, Soufle, Clydesdale

    Smokin’ Hot Colours include: Freeze, Soufle, Booty, Brown Bear, Odyssey

  • Eye Makeup Primer - Colour Lounge Cosmetics

    Colour Lounge Cosmetics Eye Primer

    These silky primers are a MUST to apply to the eye area to prepare for makeup application. Both formulas are long-lasting, waterproof, and prevent creasing while neutralizing the lid to bring out optimal color.

    Paraben Free, EU Compliant, Vegan, Gluten Free