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  • Authentic Beauty Concept Gritty Wax Paste Hair Styling - Colour Lounge Cosmetics

    Authentic Beauty Concept Gritty Wax Paste

    • Free from artificial waxes like Microcrystalline Wax, Petrolatum,silicones or paraffin oils
    • It’s a wax paste
    • It creates strong hold, long lasting style control, dry texture effects and a slightly tousled, semi-matte finish. Furthermore, it supports shape and separation featuring the natural mineral Kaolin for a gritty effect.

    Created with the natural waxes Beeswax*, Ricinus Oil, Carnauba Wax and an ECOCERT® emollient.

  • Authentic Beauty Concept Solid Pomade - Colour Lounge Cosmetics

    Authentic Beauty Concept Solid Pomade

    • Free from artificial waxes and artificial colourant
    • It’s a solid, yet flexible pomade for medium hold looks
    • It gives moldable texture, flexible control and holds style in place

    A special combination of emulsifying agents and Glycerin leads to a medium hold pomade with a light shine finish.

  • Living Proof StyleLab Molding Clay - Colour Lounge Cosmetics

    Living Proof Style Lab Molding Clay

    This buildable clay has the workability to shape, mold and hold hair damp or dry hair allowing you to create and rework styles throughout the day.

  • Moroccanoil Texture Clay Hair Styling Pomade - Colour Lounge Cosmetics

    Moroccanoil Texture Clay

    A moldable clay that defines and sculpts to create natural looks with a matte finish and strong hold. Moroccanoil® Texture Clay features a blend of argan oil, shea butter and bentonite clay for piecey, roughed-up styles. Achieve customizable versatility—this unisex hair clay allows for time to style before the hold sets in to build to a desired level of texture for both short and long hair. Tames and controls frizz all day and leaves behind a non-sticky, non-greasy finish.

  • Reuzel Heavy Hold Grease Hair Styling Pomade - Colour Lounge Cosmetics

    Reuzel Heavy Hold Grease

    Pink Reuzel is an oil-based and beeswax pomade, crafted to create a hold like a brick wall. It’ll give you the power to mold and hold shape all day long.


    • Perfect for pompadours and contours
    • Beeswax promotes moisture and control
    • Apple fragrance with a hint of salsa.